Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the concert Dates for this year?

    Recreational and mini concerts are usually the first weekend in November at Sutherland Shire Entertainment Centre.  Please click here to check our calendar of events for confirmed dates.

  • Do you sell shoes and what is the procedure?

    Yes, we sell Classical ballet and tap shoes all year. Discount offer: from commencement of Term 1 each year we offer a 15% discount until the end of February that same year.  A 50% deposit is required prior to ordering.

  • What is the best email address I should use?

  • I am not receiving any newsletters?

    If you are not receiving any eNews please email info@ettingshausens.com.au with your name, student name, student date of birth.  We will look into your account and register you to receive relevant eNews.

  • Is your timetable and pricing on the website?

    Yes, Click on the Enrol link at the top right hand side of the home page, this will show you all of our classes.  We can email you details of pricing regarding our registration and class fees simply email enrolments@ettingshausens.com.au

  • What do I do if my child is sick and can't come to class?

    Please email info@ettingshausens.com.au OR call 9545 3033 and they will be placed on the absentee list.  Make up classes can be taken where appropriate, providing it is within the same term.

  • How do I know if my child is ready for MA Grading/Classical ballet exams?

    MA - Karate stamps are given to each student when participating in class.  Students require a certain no. of stamps and 3 tips must be given plus any competition requirements for each Term Grading.  If you are unsure you can email martialarts@ettingshausens.com.au Classical Ballet - are advised by individual Classical teachers for further information you can email info@ettingshausens.com.au

  • Do you have any second hand merchandise?

    Yes, we have a dedicated second hand merchandise folder at reception where you liaise directly with the parent.  Some parents also post items for sale in our closed Facebook group.

  • What are the Reception Hours

    Monday - Thursday 10.30am - 7.00pm Friday 10.30am - 1.00pm & 3.30pm - 6.00pm Saturday 9am - 12noon

  • When can I see the studio, enquire about specific classes or arrange enrolment?

    Our Enrolments team (Clare and Laura) can help with any class or timetables queries, Ettingshausens enrolment procedures and organise for you to take a tours of the studios (studio tours are by appointment only) The best way to get the quickest response is to email Clare and Laura e: enrolments@ettingshausens.com.au alternatively you can call ph:9545 3033 and leave a message

  • What is it that Ettingshausens offers its students?

    Dance/Theatre We understand that each child has a different interest in dance to the next and their families also have varying schedules and commitments to consider. For this reason, at Ettingshausens we offer a range of streams to cater to each individual. Recreational Classes - We offer recreational classes for students looking to learn new styles & techniques, improve their skills, develop their interest in dance in a relaxed, social dance atmosphere. These classes perform at our end of year recreational concert at Sutherland Entertainment Centre and for some classes (Jazz, Funk and Cheerleading) have the chance to perform and represent Ettingshausens at Shark Park. Competition Classes - These classes are for the more driven student also interested in developing skills and, of course loving dance but looking to extend themselves through participation in team performances at competitions throughout the year. These classes are given a note at the beginning of Term 1 outlining as specifically as possible the commitment schedule of rehearsals and performances for the year. We require that parents/ guardians sign to recognise the commitment in advance to minimise changes during the year. Classes will then commence work on a competitive level of routine which will be performed at competitions and at the end of year concert at NIDA Parade Theatre in Kensington. Any students interested in competition classes will be asked to come along for a trial lesson.  Other students may be invited into these classes by the teacher through the year if they miss these trial lessons. The teacher will advise both parents and the individual student if we consider they are ready for the challenges of a competition class. Edance and the Dynamites - These are our two performance teams, EDANCE is for students from 8 to 16 years of age and DYNAMITES for 4 to 8 years. These teams are involved in numerous performances throughout the year. In 2004 EDANCE toured Chine for Tianjin International Children's Culture & Arts Festival.  In 2006, EDANCE toured to China for the Shanghai Tourism Festival, danced in the Opening Ceremony of the JKA Karate World Cup held in Sydney, performed at Intercoiffure- International Hair Show and danced in 23 Christmas shows throughout Sydney, Canberra and the Central Coast to name a few. During 2008 the EDANCE Students travelled on a tour of the USA West Coast, participating in classes in San Fransisco and LA, performances at Disneyland California Adventure Park as well as a back stage tour of shows on Las Vegas. In 2012 the EDANCE team travelled the East coast/USA tour Students become part of Edance and the Dynamites by audition or invitation. Career Training - Ettingshausens offers Fulltime Certificate IV in Dance and also Certificate IV in Dance Teaching & Management. We want you to surround yourself with expert knowledge, learn from the best in the Industry, be inspired, live out your passion and gain a recognised qualification that gives you the best chance of being employed and re-employed, again and again! Ettingshausens offer boutique courses with only limited spaces available, allowing for more individual attention and guidance. Martial Arts - Once students have enrolled in Karate- there are several opportunities throughout the year to extend themselves outside of the Dojo. These may include workshops, seminars, gradings, club competitions, beach training and training camps. These enable students to not only mix and compete with students other than their class peers, but also to refine and improve on individual skills.

  • Does Ettingshausens have a uniform?

    All students are required to wear a uniform at Ettingshausens. For Dance/Theatre and Classical students we understand that you may like to wait until the end of our “cooling off” period (4 weeks) before you go ahead and purchase class leotards or Ettingshausens merchandise. We do, however, like all students to attend class in uniform throughout the year. For Karate, gis (uniform) are available to purchase from reception also, For certain Karate classes, students may require specific equipment/ accessories such as sparring mits- for which they will be advised by their class teacher. Please check the website for specific uniform styles.  

  • Are class sizes limited?

    Class sizes are restricted although these limits may vary depending on the class/ style/ discipline.

  • Can Parent watch Classes?

    Parents are not permitted to regularly watch any classes from inside any studio. Some teachers may nominate, at their discretion, parent viewing days or invite parents to watch a lesson or run through. All classes have CCTV and can be viewed from a monitor in reception.

  • Once I become and Ettingshausens student how do I register to receive any communications?

    Our main form of communication with the Ettingshausens community is online. To ensure you are not missing out on our eNews, information or notes. If you have just joined Ettingshausens please register to receive our eNews communications.  Simply go to our website  www.ettingshausens.com.au  and hit the sign up button on the top right of the page and follow the prompts - you MUST register and become a member on our website.  All formal and official communications will be issued via an eNEWS but we strongly recommend that you join our closed FB groups to keep up on all that is going on here at ETTINGSHAUSENS. Facebook: Ettingshausens Performing Arts Closed Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/254872177863139/ Ettingshausens Martial Arts Closed Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/173689969403206/ PLEASE ENSURE WHEN YOU REQUEST TO JOIN OUR CLOSED FB PAGES THAT YOU ALSO PUT WITH YOUR REQUEST YOUR NAME (IF DIFFERENT TO YOUR PROFILE NAME),STUDENT NAME, STUDENT DOB. This is due to so many FB profiles not directly relating to the specific person it is difficult to be able to approve your request if we can’t identify yourself or the student.