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Accredited IV Courses

We are known to unearth, create and empower brilliant performers. Our boutique fulltime Certificate IV courses offer the next generation a chance to be guided and directed at a proven and renowned institute.

The ETTINGSHAUSENS success story ultimately comes down to a willingness to do the works, listen to what the industry wants and to have the courage to acknowledge both your strengths and weaknesses in the face of this.  From here you are ready for real growth.

Your ETTINGSHAUSENS success story starts with the unique choice to focus on either performance or teaching.  Both courses are supported by the latest information on all industry fronts, giving you the opportunity to refine your skills and take the steps to translate this into employment!

Let us change your life as a DANCER and as a PERSON!For further information on our Dance courses please contact us today

Ettingshausens offers Nationally Recognised Accredited Courses RTO #40539 in Dance