Choosing a dance school: a parent’s guide

Where your child learns to dance can shape their entire dancing experience and future. So choosing a dance studio is the vital first step in introducing your little performer to the dynamic world of dance. Not all dance schools are created equal. So here are five must-ask questions to help you conduct your own quality checks when choosing a dance school:

Q1: How do you protect students’ safety and wellbeing?

Every parent’s primary concern is for their child’s safety and choosing a dance studio is no exception. Every dance school owes children and their parents a duty of care. Yet how meticulously such duty is upheld can vary greatly between studios. When choosing a dance school be sure to confirm that:

  • All staff have undergone a current Working with Children check (WWC ): at Ettingshausens you can rest assured your little dancer is being taught by a thoroughly WWC screened tutor
  • Floor surfaces are customised for safe dancing: each of Ettingshausens 10 studios have sprung flooring with thick tarkett vinyl overlay to safeguard against splinters or risky protrusions
  • Dance studios are air conditioned: dance is a real work out so young performers need the temperateness of an air conditioned environment. Eight of Ettingshausens 10 dance studios have inbuilt air conditioning for top student comfort and wellbeing

Q2: Where can I find out more about your dance teachers’ credentials?

You want to know that your little dancer is under the watchful tutelage of a worthy teacher. Certainly teacher skills, experience and qualifications are one key part of this equation. So when choosing a dance studio be sure to request a copy of faculty bios and teacher profiles. Don’t forget to reassure yourself that an age- and needs- appropriate teacher is taking your child’s class. Dance is a multi-dimensional craft after all. So always look for a class taken by a specialist in that particular dance style.

Q3: How do you ensure age-appropriate dance performance?

Dance should never get children growing up too quickly. So appropriateness of costume, movement and song choice is essential. When choosing a dance studio research the school’s commitment to upholding age appropriateness throughout classes and performances. Start by checking out the dance studio’s website, video uploads and photographs. Then question the school as to how it screens each element of its dance choices for age appropriateness.

Q4: what different programs do you offer to accommodate interest in different dance styles or learning?

When choosing a dance studio always look for variety. Sure there are advantages to specialist dance classes. Yet you can enjoy these same benefits alongside a vast choice in dance programs and options. Simply set about choosing a dance school that offers a range of styles, learning opportunities and class times. Perhaps your young performer has their heart set on competitive dance. Or maybe they want to learn dance for the sheer fun of it. You may even have more than one budding dancer in your family with different goals again. This is why Ettingshausens offers a diverse array of dance programs and classes with something for everyone. You have utmost flexibility to tailor a dance class timetable customised to your child’s individual needs. Plus you’ll find everything from pre-school ballet classes to cheerleading, power tricks and boys funk at our dance school.

Q5: What do your current students and their families say about your dance programs?

There is no substitute for good honest word-of-mouth testimonials when it comes to choosing a dance studio. Ask your prospective dance school to put you in touch with existing students and their parents for a referral. You’ll get a great feel for whether this dance school is for you by hearing actual student experiences. If you have friends who are already involved with the dance school, all the better.

Choosing a dance school? Choose the best dance school Sutherland Shire. Ettingshausens has been teaching dance and theatre to budding performers in Sutherland Shire for over two decades. We know how important it is that you choose the right dance studio for your child. So we give you the questions to ask – and can answer each one resoundingly ourselves. Visit to learn more or enrol today.