A-Z of Classes


Ettingshausens - Karate Squads

(School Yr1 -€“ Yr 8: (6yrs – 13yrs)

For the dedicated student that has a commitment level of two classes or more per week, ETTINGSHAUSENS have developed what we refer to as our Karate Squad classes. These classes challenge students to combine technical skill with development in physical areas such as: flexibility, agility and body conditioning, as well as important life skills such as: confidence, self-discipline and teamwork.

Karate Squad classes are for students who have aspirations for a future in Martial Arts and reaching black belt and beyond.

Squads are split into the following categories:

Scorpians: Year 1 and 2 at school.

Dragons: Year 3 and 4 at school.

Taipans Year 5, 6 and 7 at school.

Colts Year 8 to 12

Senior: 18 and over