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MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)


MMA Kids class - gloves up!

MMA Kids class – gloves up!

We have combined our grappling class with striking to tie the two disciplines together. Students will still study Grappling, JiuJitsu and Wrestling but will also develop the skills of how to put them together with strikes from other combat disciplines.. Boxing punches, Muai Thai strikes and clinches, and our special blend of karate techniques. This class will include the use of equipment like, focus mits, punch pads and bags, Thai pads, floor to ceiling balls, skipping ropes, medicine balls. Students will also improve their fitness, speed and power in this specially designed program. The Class will be primarily NO GI ( no karate uniform) but at times we will wear the Gi to work on JiuJitsu skills.


8years +   No prior martial arts skills needed.


Students are to wear shorts and a T-shirt or rash shirt (no singlets). All students will also need to bring a mouth guard, mitts and shin insteps to the class.


Michael Ettingshausen and Tate Quealy