Self defence classes for women: unleash your inner protector

Self defence classes are a wellspring of empowerment. Not to mention a brilliant source of ready skills you can draw on should you ever feel threatened by another. Women often feel extra vulnerable in certain situations like walking home or to their car alone at night. But there is no reason that you cannot experience a newfound sense of safety, self-reliance confidence and confidence when you do have to walk alone. Self defence classes hand you the tools to achieve this. Yet not all self defence classes for women are created equal. You need skilled instructors, a great training facility and supportive class environment. Ettingshausens offers all this and more. That’s why Ettingshausens is recognised as a leading provider of self defence classes Sutherland Shire.
Wonen often feel at a disadvantage in the face of a physical threat from another. Much of this stems from a sense of having inferior strength. Self defence classes not only build strength but also teach important safety and defence techniques to counterbalance any physical strength shortfall. Ettingshausens self defence classes drawn on a vast range of martial art disciplines. Indeed, many women find their interest so piqued by self defence classes that they go on to explore Ettingshausens range of specific martial arts classes which encompass:

  • Karate
  • Mixed martial arts (MMA)
  • Shotokan

But pure self defence classes do not require the same time investment and skill development that martial art mastery does. Rather, you will become adept in fundamental self defence techniques fast. Such skills include:

  • Risk awareness
  • Confident body language
  • Targetting vulnerable body areas like eyes, throat and groin
  • Headbutting
  • Boxing
  • Kicking
  • Much more

Essentially victims of physical attack are handpicked by perpetrators based on perceived levels of vulnerability. Self defence classes teach you to portray a resilient attentive exterior to reduce your chances of being threatened in the first place. Yet of course self defence classes go beyond merely building outer confidence. Rather, you will also gain an arsenal of proven techniques to defend yourself should an attacker strike.

Every woman deserves to feel safe. So every woman can benefit from self defence classes. Trust the best self defence classes Sutherland Shire to keep you streetwise and ready. Enquire at for superior self defence classes and a healthy range of martial arts classes too.