• Peter & Angelique

    “Our son has been a student at Ettingshausens since 1999. It is very pleasing to see his continued development through the years in a safe, fun filled and team environment, culminating in Bryce becoming an instructor. Bryce enjoys all his sessions, competing with his mates and teaching what he has learned over this time.”

  • Natalie Pringle

    “I started at Ettingshausens in 1996 at the tender age of three. I have had so many great experiences over that time and even the opportunity to perform overseas. Thank you to all my teachers and friends who have made all these amazing times so much fun.”

  • Liz Doyle

    “Ettingshausens is a standout dance school because the teachers genuinely care about their students and take the time to get to know them. It’s a very professional dance school that encourages and rewards respect – respect from everyone, teachers and students alike. My daughter has been dancing at Ettingshausens since she was 4 years old (she’s a teenager now!). Given the amount of time she spends at dancing, I know she is in great hands in a nururing, happy and positive place!”

  • Kath, Patrick & the 3 E’s (Ethan, Emma & Ellysa) FELICIANO

    “As a family we practically live at Ettingshausens.

    Our girls Ellysa -6yrs and Emma -8yrs live for dancing, they find their classes fun and very social.

    Ethan 10 yrs and my husband (40 something going on 20) enjoy karate for the discipline, the physical conditioning, together with the life skills and personal achivement it brings.

    Ettingshausens is not just a place to go dancing and do karate- for us its a place where our kids have fun, enjoy learning and performing but most of all we feel it is a safe-family oriented place where the teachers are committed and caring.
    Michael and Natalie are very approachable.

    As parents we enjoy being part of the Ettingshausens community ..”

  • Graeme Curran

    I have been happily associated with Ettingshausens since 2004 as a parent and student of martial arts. During this time I™ve always found all of the instructors to be kind , friendly, and extremely passionate about teaching karate. It™s also become quite obvious that the instructors have a sincere, and genuine interest in the wellbeing of their students.

    I™m very happy to say that my kids have thrived under their care and tuition, and have made many friends along the way. Not only are my kids becoming fitter, healthier, and more confident as a result of all of their training; they are also learning respect and discipline. All of this in a fun-filled, encouraging, and friendly environment. I really could not recommend Ettingshausens highly enough.

  • Eden Petrovski

    Ettingshausens has been my second home since 1998. Ettingshausens has not only helped make me a dancer but also an artist. I wish all the students and teachers at Ettingshausens the very best and thank them for their dedication and support during the years.

    I am sure I would not be the person I am if it was not for my involvement at Ettingshausens.

  • Dr Lutie van den Berg

    I have had the pleasure of coaching, training with, and competing against Michael for the past 12 years.

    I have got to know Michael as a sincere person who does not ever accept nor give second best.

    He is meticulous in his training methods and never gives up.

    As a fellow competitor Michael has won many National Titles and has represented Australia numerous times at international level both in test matches as well as at World Championship level.

    I have also known Michael as a fellow coach and instructor and have always been impressed by his easy nature and ability to get the best out of his students. We have coached the Australian Junior Team togethre in Novo Mesto, Slovenia in 2008 and were very successful with out team’s endeavour, winning a number of gold, silver and bronze medals.

    As a fellow instructor, I have always been impressed by the professional way in which Ettingshausens operates and it shows not only in the number of students but also successes they have had at national and international level.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Michael as a professional coach, instructor and competitor. 

    Yours sincerely, 

    Dr Lutie van den Berg (MBBCH, FRACGP, FRNZCGP)

    7th dan Head Coach SKC National Karate Team.

  • David Cuthbertson

    “Ettingshausens is one of a kind. Years of experience, an unrivaled passion, and a genuine love of educating young people toward their goals shines throughout the whole building. Natalie and her staff are always available to answer any questions and support my creative ventures. They have taught me to be prepared and have built an environment where i want to succeed. Its a fun place to work and i am blessed to teach intelligent and inspired students who are always ready to learn.”

  • Dale Kneller

    “My daughter Elyse started at Ettingshausens in 2000 and has had 13 wonderful years of dancing. She has been so fortunate to have experienced a wide range of opporunities and performances.

    The principal, Miss Natalie, has always been friendly, personable and most importantly, a very caring person. Ettingshausens is a professional business that still manages to maintain the warm, friendly atmosphere.”

  • Ashley Freeman – EDA Graduate

    “Although I am leaving I hope this is the beginning of a long friendship… Looking back I can say that the majoirty of my happiest memories took place in your studio or representing it.”