Dance / Theatre

Performance Teams

ETTINGSHAUSENS have two performance teams at present, the Dynamites (students 3-8yrs) and EDANCE (students 9-17yrs) and they are each a cast of students who train together to do just that “ PERFORM.

Our performance team programme allows the opportunity for particularly driven ETTINGSHAUSENS students to work as part of a cast that cuts through age group restrictions and focuses on Industry/ Commercial performance technique, skills and awareness. In an open, and often whirlwind, atmosphere students are asked to look beyond what they know already of themselves as performers to new skill sets, performance goals, styles and experiences.

Weekly sessions can involve dance (ranging from commercial jazz to theatre jazz, cabaret and hip hop), acting, repertoire rehearsal, singing, Industry feedback and discussion sessions. The students that make up these teams are required to work at a fast pace in an often demanding environment and are therefore accepted into the programme via audition or invitation only at the beginning of each year.

View a selection of videos of our Performance Teams, or for more information or you would like to book either of our performance teams please contact us today .