Get career-ready with Certificate IV in Dance

What shape do you want your career to take? Certificate IV in Dance flings open many career doors of great variety. As with any career, where you study can be as influential as your natural ability and passion for your craft. You want to complete your Certificate IV in Dance with exceptional industry connections, superior performing arts proficiencies and of course nationally recognised qualifications. Ettingshausens offers it all. So this top dance school Sutherland Shire is a smart choice when you’re weighing up where to complete your Certificate IV in Dance.

A performing arts career is not just about standing out in front of an audience. A successful career in this field first demands that you stand out from the crowd. Ettingshausens Certificate IV in Dance ensures you do just that. Ettingshausens takes the nationally recognised Certificate IV in Dance course and uniquely teams this with affiliated industry professionals-led classes. This means you build outstanding technical prowess, performance artistry and industry networks. Especially given that your Certificate IV in Dance encompasses tutelage from the crème de la crème of national and international industry experts. Acclaimed choreographers, tutors and mentors step you through your Certificate IV in Dance. Meanwhile Ettingshausens’ deliberately limited class sizes ensure you get the ultimate in personal attention and guidance.

So where does it all lead? Well one of the beauties of Certificate IV in Dance is that this qualification empowers you to be author of your own career. Just a few of the many performing arts career paths available to you include:

  • Professional dancer
  • Pilates or yoga instructor
  • Set designer
  • Choreographer
  • Hair and make-up artist
  • Costume designer
  • Film and television professional
  • So many more

Ready to seriously power up your performing arts career? It all starts at Ettingshausens. Learn more about Ettingshausens revolutionary Certificate IV in Dance online at . When you want the best career prospects, study at the best dance school Sydney.