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Junior Belt System

At Ettingshausens there is a Junior (childrens) and Senior grading syllabus. Our juniors have more levels to reach black belt and this is to ensure that they fully master the syllabus before their official Junior Black Belt grading.
In order for our junior students to grade they must fulfil the prerequisites required by the level to be tested. This also includes an attendance level and minimum time training in between the various belt levels.

For more information please refer to the Student Log Book.

Senior Belt System

Senior students have the opportunity to grade twice per year depending on belt level and time spent on the mat each week. There are 9 levels to Shodan (1st Dan) black belt and students are tested on various skills and traditional forms of training. Kihon (basics), Kata (forms),Kumite (sparring) self defence, grappling, throwing, fitness and conditioning are all part of grading and developing our martial artists on their path towards Black belt.
Young students who have successfully graded to Junior Black belt may attempt the Senior Black belt test when they are a minimum of 14 years old.