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The ASKL was officially formed in 2011, however Ettingshausens has conducted regular club competitions for over 15 years. At Ettingshausens students of all levels have the opportunity to take part in regular competitions. The All Star Karate League circuit (ASKL) comprises 8 rounds of competition throughout the year. Two competitions are held each term, either locally or in conjunction with Evolution Martial Arts. The eight rounds are split up as follows. Three rounds of Kata (forms). Three rounds of Kumite (point sparring) and two rounds of Grappling.

The ASKL competitions are incorporated into part of the prerequisites for students to be able to grade for belts. All students attempting the rank of full Orange belt and above are required to participate in one round of the ASKL competion in the term that they intend on grading. This is a proactive way of encouraging our students to experience the exciting world of sports karate, and clearly helps students develop sportsmanship, resilience and self-esteem preparing them for real world conditions. Students are nurtured by our well trained team of officials and assistants so that students come away from the competitions having a good experience. The focus is not on winning medals but all about participation and enjoying being a part of the event.