Martial Arts

Primary School Martial Arts Program

katate in the classroom (1 of 1)

Rarely is there the chance to combine self-discipline, motivation and respect with School sport-based physical activity that children find both stimulating and exciting- leaving parents heartened at the combination of these equally important areas! This innovative program is designed to give students the option to train in a traditional Martial Art within their school sport program. Students work to develop basic Martial Arts techniques as well as self defence applications against basic holds and grabs. By the end of this 10-week course students will have a grasp of stance and posture, balance and form plus how to deal with a variety of ‘real world’ scenarios. Conducted in line with classic Dojo behaviour, basic etiquette, respect and discipline are both practised and assessed in class.

The Karate in the Classroom program is a wonderful way to keep kids active while testing and developing basic strength and endurance along with the ability to remember sequences and patterns of movements. Students are, of course, presented with a completion Certificate at the end of the course.

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