If you’™re here, then you’re looking for information about Dance, Theatre or Martial Arts, maybe even all three?

You might be wanting to find answers, take a peek at who we are or get a sense of what it is about ETTINGSHAUSENS that sees students from 3yrs to Pre-Professional and beyond light up. On our website, and indeed at ETTINGSHAUSENS, you have an excellent chance of finding what you’re looking for.

Welcome, spend a moment getting to know a little bit more about a place known for integrating technique with creativity, infusing discipline with inspiration and encouraging expansion and personal achievement. We know and understand pre-schoolers, we train and nurture performers and we develop Martial Artists.

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Martial Arts

Our Martial Arts classes allow for hard, honest training in an empowering atmosphere



Ettingshausens reception will be open during the term holiday's FROM Monday29th September - Friday 3rd October 9.30am - 12.30pm

"Ettingshausens is one of a kind. Years of experience, an unrivaled passion, and a genuine love of educating young people toward their goals shines throughout the whole building. Natalie and her staff are always available to answer any questions and support my creative ventures. They have taught me to be prepared and have built an environment where i want to succeed. Its a fun place to work and i am blessed to teach intelligent and inspired students who are always ready to learn."

-David Cuthbertson

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